Quality, Environment and Safety Policy

The General Management of Plasgomma Srl has decided, in relation to its own context of reference and corporate strategies and aimed at satisfying the explicit and implicit needs of its Customers, to pursue effectiveness, efficiency and continuous improvement of its production processes, to implement an Integrated Management System for Quality, the Environment and Safety, with reference to the reference standards IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Through the application of the Integrated Management System Plasgomma Srl operates according to the following principles:

  • Act in compliance with applicable legal provisions and compliance obligations arising from the needs of relevant third parties;
  • Ensuring the safety of its employees and of all those who work on behalf of the company in company offices;
  • Safeguard the environment by identifying the environmental aspects and preventing the impacts on which the Company has the power to control and / or influence;
  • Knowing, understanding and communicating the needs and expectations of customers at all levels of the organizational structure, concretizing their needs in requirements for the organization, making every effort to exceed their expectations;
  • Pursuing company competitiveness and production efficiency through a rational organization of work.

To translate the above principles into operational practice, Plasgomma Srl is committed to pursuing the following objectives:

  • To achieve complete customer satisfaction;
  • Ire Prevent accidents, injuries and occupational diseases;
  • Reduce environmental risks and worker safety;
  • Improve their environmental performance;
  • Create safe and healthy work environments for all the personnel involved;
  • Achieve full customer satisfaction by complying with the expressed and implicit requirements;
  • Promote training, information and awareness-raising activities concerning quality, the environment and safety for the benefit of its employees and collaborators, analyzing the causes and effects of any dangerous situation;
  • Increase the awareness of everyone – employees, collaborators, suppliers – about the implications of their activities on quality, the environment and safety;
  • Increase business competitiveness with a view to continuous improvement.

Ultimately, through the Integrated Management System, the Management of Plasgomma Srl intends to create a new business culture also through an active contribution of all personnel to continuous improvement, so that the achievement of the objectives is shared as a common purpose and become the priority commitment of each.

The organization undertakes to ensure that the Quality, Environment and Safety Policy is disclosed, understood and implemented at all levels of the organization, and that the System is supported by periodic and systematic monitoring and review activities. audit, training, information, awareness and training.

The Policy is distributed to all personnel who work for or on behalf of Plasgomma Srl and communicated to other interested third parties via the web, e-mail and / or other means deemed appropriate.

The Management of Plasgomma Srl has decided not to make external communications about its significant environmental aspects.

The Management of Plasgomma Srl undertakes to periodically review this policy, together with its objectives and goals.