Plasgomma s.r.l. was established in 1980 and its main activity was the injection of plastic and rubber items for household equipments by third parties. At the beginning the structure of the company was formed by the owner, Mr Procaccini Tommaso, and two workers. They all worked in a small plant in the outskirts of Esanatoglia.
During the coming years, Plasgomma has strengthened its foundations increasing the range of activities considerably from the household appliances field to the motorcycle one.
The fast growth of the company made it necessary the moving to the industrial area of Esanatoglia.
Apart from making plastic and rubber parts, since the beginning Plasgomma has been handling all the problems related to the construction of moulds.
At present, as an internal workshop is also available, thanks to specialist staff, a software system and highly technological machinery, Plasgomma is able to provide its customers with useful advice from the design to the construction of the mould.
Since 1999 the company has achieved UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certificate (adjusted in 2016 to the new 9001: 2015) and more recently, in 2006, it has been certified ISO 14001/2004 (certificate that was adjusted in 2018 to ISO 14001: 2015).
Now Plasgomma s.r.l.’s main activity is in the field of household appliances and components for motorcycles with much effort to reach high quality level.

Pianificazione produzione - Controllo qualita

The peculiarity and wide range of products (components for motorcycles, and domestic appliances, mainly technical items), the continuous demands from the market to be competitive with more and more innovative technologies, improvement or updating, have allowed Plasgomma to grow rapidly so to be able to satisfy immediate requests both from the market and from customers.
In order to handle such economic situation, Plasgomma has changed its original structure into its present more complex one.
The TECHICAL AND PURCHASING DEPT. is able to evaluate any customers’ request and satisfy their necessities as soon as they send a quotation form. Should the customer require it, is the same office able even to make tools and moulds at the newly settled internal workshop.
The QUALITY DEPT. is able to evaluate the quality level of requested parts so that they are up to drawing specifications since the first inspection tests. When necessary, in this department qualified people can support the customer so that manufacturing can be better planned and high quality level of products guaranteed.
Confident of its ultra ten-year experience, the Management can assure seriousness and carefulness. Departments are so well organized taking care of the continuous requests for technological innovations and inner resource updating in the light of the final goal: the customer satisfaction.