Plasgomma Srl works mainly in the plastics molding and vulcanized rubber field. Plasgomma, strengthened by this experience, has recently made the important decision to use its Know How and start making the same moulds which later would be used in the injection process.
Inside the plastic division, there is also an assembly area where parts are assembled soon after injection.


Since the beginning Plasgomma has implemented an industrial development policy marked by continuous growing qualification and innovation of machinery both in the manufacturing unit and in the internal maintenance workshop.
The moulding area is equipped with injection moulding machines of various tonnage (from 7 tons to 1400 ton). All machines are equipped with electronic control systems and with robots for the automatic release of pieces.
Mostly referred to plastic production, such variety of machines which are available allows Plasgomma to handle a large number of moulds of different dimensions (from 320×320 mm to 1130×1310 mm) and so to make parts which can weigh from 10 g. to 8.800 g. Each machine is fed by a feeding system which automatically takes the right quantity of raw material required for any production.
The high level of automation of this division allows the operator to have a more accurate visual and dimensional inspection of parts so to assure an excellent quality level.


In the Rubber division there are 15 machines of different tonnage (from 135 tons to 500 tons) and a crio-clashing machine for automatic de-burring and cleaning of parts.
The most representative fields are: automotive, electrical households appliances and fitness while among special operations there is rubber/metal co-injection moulding.