We are an Italian company with deep roots. We have been guaranteeing for over 40 years high quality ed efficiency in the molding of plastic and rubber articles. We collaborate with the best brands partners. keeping the value high Made in Italy in the world.


Our strengths

We offer turnkey solutions that include co-design activities, mold design and construction, certification of finished products

The high level of competence in the production of molds and the molding of plastic and rubber materials has allowed us to collaborate for over 40 years with customers of global importance.

Certify you Iso 16949:2016 we are able to ensure the quality of supplies through the use of 3D scanners and X-rays


Plasgomma responsible company

Through the use of renewable energies, the reduction of the environmental impact, the adoption of measures for the prevention and management of safety in the workplace and company policy which protects the Justice and Equality of workers in the company, Plasgomma is making a concrete effort to create a model of responsible business that not only allows the company to be sustained in the long term, but is also attentive to the Classic , And the social welfare

Privacy & Security

Your privacy, your ideas, your know-how are important and deserve to be protected. We guarantee the confidentiality and the management of confidential information through agreements NDA specific and personalized.

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The path undertaken in the certifications represents the commitment and vision that the Company demonstrates for the Integrated Quality Management System, Environment e Safety

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for over 40 years a reliable partner of major brands